Jerrod Adams; 38 years old, has been working for Tsunami Sushi for the past six consecutive years.  He’s been with the company a total of ten years as he started in 2004 but spent a few years in between pursuing other career opportunities.

Jerrod’s first start in a professional kitchen started in 2000 at Prejean’s Restaurant in Carencro, Louisiana.  There he got his first look at what a real kitchen looks like and how it is run.  Starting as a dishwasher and busser, he was able to see the rhythm of what it took to be on the line and to be successful in a high-volume restaurant.


Interested in working the line, he went to a culinary competition with a few of the chefs with Prejean’s and was instantly hooked and knew that this was what he wanted to do.  Once on the line, he met his current boss and mentor, Frederick Nonato.  Moving his way up from dishwasher to line cook to sous chef, Fred convinced him to go to culinary school at Delgado Community College in New Orleans where he himself had graduated from.


In 2004, Jerrod started at Delgado and was commuting from Lafayette to New Orleans twice a week.  He also made the decision to follow Fred to Tsunami where he was the General Manager.  There he learned about Asian cuisine and ingredients.


In 2005, he left the Lafayette location to open and become the Executive Chef at Tsunami’s newest location in Baton Rouge.  While in Baton Rouge, Jerrod won 2 bronze medals at the Louisiana Culinary Competition and graduated with honors from culinary school.


 After Hurricane Katrina, he left Baton Rouge to be closer to home and came back to the Lafayette location.  After being at Tsunami for 2 years; he left to pursue other opportunities for the next three years, those of which included working at Chili’s and being the Executive Chef at Tsaketumi Sushi in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.


  In 2013, Jerrod came back to Louisiana and once again came back to Tsunami where he became and is currently the Executive Chef of the Lafayette location.  There he has helped create new menu items for not only the Lafayette and Baton Rouge locations, but also the newly started New Orleans location.  He has helped maintain Tsunami’s presence in the community and status of such accolades as “Best Asian Restaurant” and “Best Sushi” in Acadiana.


In the years that were to pass, he has worked within the local culinary community and collaborated with other Acadiana chefs.  One of his most memorable experiences was creating a Cajun Asian fusion tasting menu with Chef Toby Rodriguez for the Runaway Dish company, where they served (amongst other things) seafood gumbo ramen, kimchi cabbage rolls with bulgagi rice stuffing and blood boudin gyoza.  He looks forward to continuing his career in the vast and exciting world of culinary that is ever-changing and evolving.




With more than 32 years of culinary experience in both traditional Japanese and classic French restaurants, Tokyo-born chef and partner Fuyuhiko Ito leads the culinary team at Umi. Umi embraces Ito’s heritage along with his unwavering passion for high quality ingredients and offers a diverse menu with international influences and both classic and progressive approaches to Asian fare.


Ito began his restaurant career at the age of 17 at Chateau Lion in Tokyo where he handled fresh fish from the Tsukiji Fish Market daily. Over the next several years, Ito worked under master chef Kono in the United States and a top Yakitori chef at Toriyoshi in Nishiazabu, Tokyo. From 2007 to 2012, Ito served as executive chef of MF Buckhead in Atlanta where his cuisine earned a five-star rating in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.


Throughout his culinary profession, Ito developed a great passion for his knives. Each day, he carefully fine tunes each to maintain its maximum performance by using at least three different grit sharpening stones. In addition, Ito only uses non-oxidizing knives enabling him to avoid oxidation while cutting the finest sushi ingredients, creating a new standard in sushi cuisine.


On his first day at MF Buckhead, Ito met his wife and Umi pastry chef, Lisa Ito. The couple now lives together in Roswell, Ga., with their six children.


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Boudin Gyoza served with Ponzu and Fresh Herbs

Gumbo Ramen

Louisiana Spiced Large Prawn served with a Soy Butter Sauce

Cajun Roll- Blackened White Fish and Fresh Vegetables