New Orleans-born, Louisiana native, and media personality Amy Sins has played many roles over the course of her professional journey. She wants to do it all - help people, feed people, teach, cook, write, publish, inspire, and travel. Through a superhuman level of energy, a deep well of empathy, and the inability to accept the word “no,” she’s accomplishing all that and more.


Her determination to “pay it forward” after losing everything when the levees failed in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, this self described “girl with a cell phone” developed a template for quick and effective disaster relief; her love of food and Louisiana & the land has resulted in an award-winning cookbook, a publishing

company, a successful culinary event business, a radio show, and a reputation as a culinary anthropologist; her self-directed mandate to take on new challenges and learn about the world increased her focus beyond Louisiana to the rest of the world. She is now partnering with international culinary travel tours & businesses conferences.


Amy’s company, Langlois, encompasses all of her professional endeavors and passions. She built Langlois on the back of her 20+ years of experience in sales, business, management, hospitality, and mental health, and that experience is still relevant today.


She’s the spark of energy that inspires and creates enthusiasm within her community to encourage everyone to gather around a cause or follow their own dreams.


Let her be your spark for motivational speaking on any number of topics including leadership, setting & achieving goals, community care-taking, and managing human logistics & networks. She is also available for disaster relief consulting and customized continuing education programs.


She’ll plumb the depths of her Louisiana roots and passion to achieve your purpose, whatever it may be.





Shortly after taking his first restaurant job in his late teens, Matthew Basford knew that he was headed for a career in the restaurant business. Growing up in Australia, Basford was exposed to cooking techniques that drew influence from Pan-Asian cuisine. He started his culinary journey at Pear Tree Cottage in Greenock, followed by Vintner’s Bar and Grill in Angaston. He was awarded Second Place in Tasting Australia in two consecutive competitions and placed in the Nestle Junior Chefs of Australia Competition, a yearly event that honors the top apprentices in the country. After completing his four-year apprenticeship, Basford was officially a "Qualified Chef", and travelled to the United States. In December 2002, Basford moved to New Orleans, LA and began working at Dominique’s, at the Maison Dupuy Hotel in the French Quarter. When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005, Basford was relocated to Atlanta, GA. Within a week, Basford found himself in the Canoe kitchen. He started as line cook, and worked his way up the ranks from sous chef to executive sous chef, to chef de cuisine, and finally in 2013, Basford was named executive chef of Canoe. He continues the legacy of the city’s longstanding bastion of fine dining. His commitment to serving fresh, seasonal ingredients marries well with the rich tradition of Canoe.


Call RESTAURANT at 770-432-2663 for a Wednesday, October 23rd dinner reservation.



4199 Paces Ferry Rd SE

Atlanta, GA 30339




Andouille crusted crabcakes, mirliton & apple slaw

Crispy fish beignets



Cajun chicken & andouille gumbo, Lafayette potato salad, collard greens, fried chicken

Pan seared snapper, Filipino crabfat fried rice, pickled vegetables, sweet chili sauce



Bananas Foster, rum ice cream, caramelized bananas